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"Life is what you make it so, MAKE IT, don't Fake It! Life is to be authentic and savored. Every single moment; from the mundane to the insanely vibrant times." ~Me
Music: Love many types and I'm a musician myself. I play piano and write and compose original music. R&B, soul, funk, alternative, soft rock, pop, techno/dance, oldies, classical, jazz, etc. I love music!
TV: Any and everything from Reality, to sit-coms, old movies, premium cable shows, documentaries/specials, etc.
Books: I LOVE David Sedaris Books...recently read WHEN YOU ARE ENGULFED IN FLAMES. THE FUNNY THING IS... - Ellen DeGeneres, A Memoir - KEEP THE FAITH - Faith Evans, THE BLUEST EYE - Toni Morrison, etc. Writing my own book of original poetry and essays now that will soon be copyrighted and published. The copyright part is no prob. ** I appreciate input and help in regards to publishing or distribution, thanks.
Interests: I LOVE music. Did I already say that?! lol I enjoy working on new trax, arranging, producing and collabos. I have over 1000 CD's now. Not really a lot I guess but, it's something I like to collect, along with designer fragrances - I have about 30 bottles of cologne that I like to wear. Not all at once, of course! lol I like: cooking, dining out, movies, art, writing, reading, coffee houses, travel, wine, festivals/museums/parks, walking or hiking, working on new craft or refinishing projects, DVD nights, fam and friends, digital photography, making new friendships, etc.
Movies: Anything that's interesting and engaging. Love movies with heart and a real story. Enjoy Indies, Action, Horror, comedies, epics, dramas, animated and yes - romance/comedies. lol
WhatImInto: I'm not into a scene but, I am into the arts/entertainment scene if anything. I love new adventures! I'm into REAL people and NOT into games, liars and BS.
MyBestFeatures: I would say my best features can be intangible sometimes. My heart, and my soul. My willingness to give what I have inside. Those are qualities and attributes I guess. I hate talking about my features but, I'd have to say maybe my eyes. I have been told I have nice eyes and they are expressive. Also my smile or my lips. I like others to tell me what my best features are.
MyDreams: I have many dreams and aspirations and hope to share those with special friends. They are dear to my heart and some are personal. Def something to share and open up to someone special and close. One short-term dream/goal I have now is to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride. One of my dreams I can share here is - I'd love to meet a famous music Producer/Songwriter to just get ideas, tips, collaborate with, etc. It's my ultimate dream to become an established musician/producer one day. I'd love to be able to go to Italy and just enjoy the food, culture, architecture and take in the beautiful sights.

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