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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    Some College
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    Customer Service
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    No, never


Who am I? Human, fragile, full of bs , needy, lost, looking for answers, imperfect, the usual.

I struggle every day with being self-aware, conscious, and therefore doing what is right. I am finding that it's often easier to understand someone else's motivations than it is my own. Interesting, though, that I am finding more self-awareness through the process of understanding others. I take truth wherever I can get it. In other words, the message matters to me, not the messenger. A person can be wrong about almost everything, but if they have spoken truth about one thing, then it is still truth. A broken clock is right twice a day. Oh, and please don't assume that I am a Gators fan because I live in Gainesville. Ugh!

Things that make me smile: A quiet evening stargazing The soul behind someone's eyes The touch of another's hand and heart Books that fill me with wonder and emotion A hidden trail A mountain view Conversations that flow from idea to idea, without repressed hurts or uncomfortable silences Men that see the woman and the little girl Women that strive to nurture, and not compete Understanding a joke two seconds too late Understanding my mistakes two seconds too late Pizza and a movie An evening cigarette Laughter that brings me to tears or tears that bring me to laughter Those moments when you almost know that everything is as it should be Spontaneous "I love yous". I mean the REAL ones, where you didn't even know yourself that you were going to say it.

Finally, this is possibly the saddest thing I have ever read. It's true, but sad. Shouldn't we do better? "How many who love never come nearer than to behold each other as in a mirror; seem to know and yet never know the inward life; never enter the other soul; and part at last, with but the vaguest notion of the universe on the borders of which they have been hovering for years."

What I am looking for

Someone full of insight into themselves and others, someone with a gentle, caring soul whom does not enjoy confrontation. Someone who dreams about a quiet home near mountains as I do, or is maybe even living that dream now.