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    5 ft. 10 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, living with me


My friends and family will describe me as a loving, caring, kind, honest, open minded, creative, passionate, outgoing, easygoing, a good communicator, loyal, and understanding guy. I consider myself independent, a free-thinker, honest, straightforward, curious about the world around me, open-minded and progressive, but with a generous dose of traditional values. I'm open-minded and interested in meeting all kinds of people. My interests are history, photography, travel, good books, writing, and different cultures. I love to laugh and make people laugh too. I am a very energetic and hardworking man. I love my job and do it with passion, dedication and commitment. I am a caring, genuine and fun-loving person who enjoys life. I am a very down to earth, loving and compassionate person. I have a kind and big heart. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, listen to music, BBQ, gardening, watch TV and do some outdoor things. I enjoy going on walks, communicating, cuddling with that special person, spoiling her and treating her like a woman should be treated and having the utmost respect for her. I love candles as I am a very romantic person, holding her while watching a movie. I love the outdoors. I am always doing something interesting. I love to go out dancing and just being with my woman. I am not a racist; everybody is equal no matter your color or nationality, we are all human. I do not discriminate race, religion or creed.

What I am looking for

I don't have a lot of "requirements" in a woman because nobody is perfect, but please be kind and decent and be honest. A relationship whether platonic or romantic should be a place of refuge, not anxiety and insecurity. I want a woman who is looking for a companion and an equal. I care about having a solid relationship that is centered around nurturing the best in two strong people who will complement each other. I am looking for that good woman. I know nobody is perfect but I seek a woman that knows what she truly want and is looking for it in every possible way. A woman that is 100% ready to be loved and will do same way to me. I hope to experience a deeply connected romantic partnership rooted in affinity, shared joy and commitment to living fully. I want to share life with a wonderful, compatible woman. I believe we will know we are right for each other and things will fall into place. I don't want to list qualities because people are so much more than a list of traits, but a few things I need in a woman are honesty, intellectual connection, chemistry, respect, compassionate nature, passionate about me. The right woman for me really wants me and knows how to show it. And I will totally adore my mate. I desire a relationship of mutual respect, appreciation, honesty and support for each other. I am looking for a confident woman, excited at the prospect of some new adventures, lives her life to the full, has many interests, emotionally independent and at the same time attentive to others. Someone who is not afraid to grapple with life challenges, but equally enjoys its many gifts and joys. I am looking for someone who embraces life, appreciates nature and getting out into it.