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  • Age:
  • Height:
    5 ft. 8 in.
  • Body:
    Full Figured
  • Ethnicity:
  • Education:
    High School
  • Job:
  • Has Kids:
    Yes, living elsewhere


I'm smart, I'm not afraid of the challenges that life puts in our path. I don't like messy but I can adapt for the right man. I take good care of myself, not lazy. I am a lady but at the same time I'm a countrified Tom girl, but underneath all that I'm very sexy, intimate, and pationate in the bedroom, you can expect a very active sex life with me. I am a member of Top Rail Cowboy Church, which I attend on Sundays. Most importantly, I just lost my son to diabetes, I am lonely, so I'm looking for someone to fall in love with, and hold onto them forever.

What I am looking for

The man I'm going to fall in love with forever. So he will need to be patient, affectionate, healthy, ready to make me his princess and treat me like one. Respect me, always,always be truthful because even if we don't agree we can still talk about it. A lie won't get that chance with me, you will be left standing alone. You will have to take me fishing, and when your working on something I want to help. And it's ok if you come home from work and start dropping clothes from the front door to the shower, just don't forget to slap me on the butt and call me babydoll.